International Conference
Science and Technology:
Current Trends
14 15 May 2015


    Areas and Preliminary theme tracks

      - Information technologies, software engineering, mathematical models and methods;
      - Nanoengineering, nanotechnologies and nanomaterials for research and variety of human activities;
      - Current issues in Automotive Engineering and Transport
      - Latest technologies in mechanical engineering;
      - New materials and their application areas;
      - Science and engineering within the socio - cultural environment;
      - Innovations in science and technology for everyday purposes.
        Linguistics and pedagogy:
        - Linguistics: current issues;
        - Translation: theoretical and practical issues;
        - Foreign languages for socio-cultural purposes, science, engineering, economics, law, information technologies, and other purposes;
        - Using innovative technologies in foreign languages teaching and learning.

        Current issues in economics, law, and sociology
          Mass media in the context of world cultures

          Tourism in the XXI century

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