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Science and Technology:
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14 – 15 May 2015



Registration and Submission Process

Entering the submission system
To submit a Paper or Video Clip you can use the link
An e-mail acknowledging receipt will be sent to you.

Registration and Submission Details

1. Complete the submission form.
Upon registering, the system sends an automatically generated id and password to your
e-mail address.

2. You can immediately submit your article or video clip, or both.
You can delay the submission until a later date, and use the “deferred entry” mode.

Once you have completed the proposal form, you will be given an id and password, which will allow you to enter the system later, whenever you are ready to submit an article /video clip. In this case, please, remember about the deadline for submitting articles /videos.
If you have decided to use the “deferred entry” mode, you should first find your name in the list of participants and your submission form, select “Submit”, enter your id, and pull down “Next”. To fill in the received form, you should go through the following steps:
- select the appropriate Panel / Theme,
- add “Title”, “Author/s”, and “Annotation” ,
- upload the file,
- click the “Send” button. .

3. With your id and password, you can enter the system to review or edit your submission, OR to update your submission.
Please, note that you will have no access to your article /video clip for editing, after the editing group of the organizing committee has started the reviewing process (which begins approximately 24 hours after the submission).

4. If you have forgotten your id or have registration problems, please, e-mail:, or telephone: (845-2) 99-89-51.
Contact our coordinators or secretaries for assistance. Use “Contact” in the menu to find their email address.

5. Please, follow the instructions referring the “Title” section: the Title must not include any dots (except for extension), or commas, or other signs.

6. Once the article/video clip has been submitted, make sure the file has been attached.
The details for the procedure are the following:
- find your submission form,
- select “Edit the Article”, enter your id and click “Next” to continue,
- find the needed article and click the “Next” button,
- when you have found the file attached, exit the editing window,
- if you need to update the file, please, click for “Delete”, and then click “Save”,
- attach the needed file (Review – Select a file – Save),
close the editing window.

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